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Indonesia National Games FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: The 17th National Games 2008
Date of Issue: 05 July 2008

National Games dubbed as PON began its history with its first organization in 1948 in Solo. Triggered by the failure of Indonesia’s participation in Olympic Games XIV London 1948, this multi-event sport games aimed at showing the existence of the Republic of Indonesia proclaimed on August 17, 1945 as well as to strengthen national unity sentiment among Indonesian people. Nowadays, besides as a means of encouraging spirit of national unity, PON is four yearly arranged with a purpose of measuring the national sport achievement in Indonesia.

PON XVII is held from July 5 to 17, 2008 in East Kalimantan Province. It is the fourth national multi-event sport games held outside Java, after PON II 1953 in Medan, PON IV 1957 in Makassar and the previous PON XVI 2004 in Palembang. Totally of 56 sport event is competed in several venues located in Samarinda, Balikpapan, Kutai Kartanegara, Bontang, Berau and Tarakan. The mascots of this game are Porpoise, Orangutan and Hornbill as distinctive fauna of Kalimantan Island.

1/4 Rp1500:
Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike is a bicycle race held in roughly terrain gravel track. This individual sport competition needs endurance, bike handling skills as well as self reliance. Usually, it uses off road track at country side or forest. The bike is characterized by wide and knobby tires, reinforced large frame and shock absorber suspension.

2/4 Rp1500: Body Building
Bodybuilding competes aesthetic appearance of body, both shape and size in revealing muscles. In this sport, athletes show off their bodies by performing some poses to a panel of judge. The winner is decided by the highest score from the panel.

3/4 Rp1500: Steeplechase
Steeplechase is an athletics event competed in 3,000 m long race track. Overall, the runners have to pass through a total of 28 barriers and 7 water jumps. The barrier’s height is 914 mm for men and 762 mm for women. The water jump pit is 3.66 m long and 700 mm deep sloping upward at the barrier’s end to even with the surface of the track.

4/4 Rp1500: Palaran Main Statdium
Palaran Main Stadium is a main venue of PON XVII. Located in Samarinda, the opening and the closing ceremony will be held in this stadium. Palaran stadium capacity is about 45,000, with a sufficient infrastructure, this stadium is suitable for national or international sport events.

Comment: What a busy schedule for Indonesian Olympic Games athletes. National Games in July and following Olympic Games in August.

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