Friday, August 1, 2008

China Pre-stamped Postcard JP150

China Pre-stamped Postcard
Name: 2008 ICSEMIS
Number: JP150
Date of Issue: 01 August 2008

The 2008 ICSEMIS (International Convention on Science Education and Medicine in Sport) will take place in Guangzhou, China from 1-4 August 2008, just prior to the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is the largest international multi-disciplinary conference in the world, and is held by the four leading international sport, sports medicine, and sport science organizations: the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, the International Paralympic Committee, the International Federation of Sports Medicine, and the International Olympic Committee.

More than 2,500 scientists from all over the world are expected to participate, with representatives from the leading international sport and sport science federations attending and contributing to the programme.

Since the Convention precedes the Olympic and Paralympic Games, it provides an excellent opportunity to focus not only on elite high performance sports, but issues concerning community health and lifestyle.

The mission of the Convention is to create a link between science and practice, gathering highly respected scientists around the world. It also aims to support young scientists and practitioners from developing regions.

This Convention is organised by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Guangdong Provincial Government together with ICSSPE, IOC, IPC and FIMS.

Yellow, red, black and green arc represent the 4 partners, namely, ICSSPE, FIMS, IOC and IPC. Yellow and blue arc form the English letter "S", the initial representing "science" and "sport". Vigorous yellow stands for sport and rational blue symbolizes science, reflecting the theme of the 2008 ICSEMIS. Auspicious cloud has always been the Chinese symbol of prosperity. Blue auspicious cloud signifies the boundless potential of sports science; it acts as a blessing for the great success of this coming event. The auspicious cloud and blue arc are vivid presentation of Guangzhou's picturesque scenery – Pearl River and White Cloud Mountain. The combination of these elements form a flower. Arc in rotation symbolizes the dynamism of power of sports science. It stands for the meeting of global sports scientists in Guangzhou and the important role they will play to facilitate human health and diversification of sports.

Official Website of the 2008 ICSEMIS

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