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Indonesia Foods FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: Indonesian Traditional Foods
Date of Issue: 06 July 2008

Undeniably, historical background such as international trading route between continents has affected on the emerging of various traditional foods in Indonesia. Indian, Chinese, Arabian and European have introduced many recipes as well as cooking techniques that assimilated with traditional indigenous foods. Moreover, this culinary richness is supported by vast natural resources in Indonesia that yielded assorted ingredients and spices.

1/4 Rp1500:
Nasi Lemak (Riau)
Nasi Lemak is a traditional food of Malay people. This kind of food can also be found in Malaysia and Singapore. Nasi Lemak is cooked using pandanus leaf which gives peculiarly delicious taste. Usually, it is served with boiled egg, cucumber, fried river fish and chili sauce.

2/4 Rp1500: Sate Bandeng (Banten)
Sate Bandeng differs from typical grilled meat or chicken pierced by stick. This kind of food is grilled using clamp made from bamboo trunk. Sate Bandeng is made of crushed fresh milkfish meat by releasing its bones then inserted back into its skin so it looks like a whole fish. This food is served as a side dish of rice.

3/4 Rp1500: Ayam Cincane (East Kalimantan)
Ayam Cincane is a food with deliciously sweet and a rather hot taste. Usually, it is made of a whole fresh chicken. Together with coconut milk and other spices, the chicken is cooked until dry. After grilled thoroughly, this side dish is ready for serving with rice.

4/4 Rp1500: Kaledo (Central Sulawesi)
Kaledo is a kind of soup with deliciously sour and hot taste. Literally the name of Kaledo is an acronym from donggala cow leg. This food is made of cow bone together with its marrow and a little bit flesh on it. Distinctive taste of this soup comes from a fresh tamarind as its main ingredient. Accompanied by fried garlic, lime and chili sauce, Kaledo is served with rice or boiled cassava.

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