Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lithuania Museum FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: From the Stocks of Museums, Palanga Amber Museum
Date of Issue: 13 June 2009

Palanga Amber Museum is a branch of the Lithuanian Art Museum and was established on the 3rd of August 1963. The museum has about 29 thousand amber showpieces. Part of them, about 4,5 thousand are displayed in the exposition, which is renewed every year and supplemented with archaeological findings, amber inclusions and other valuable pieces. The exposition of the museum shows the history of amber formation, its global distribution, and ways of trade, processing and practical application. The visitors are mostly attracted by the collection of amber inclusions.

The Estate of the Counts Tiškevičiai
This stamps shows the estate of Count Feliksas Tiškevičius, built in 1897, in which the Amber Museum is established. The estate palace in neo classicist style, also with features of renaissance, baroque and classicism is surrounded by large and beautiful Palanga Botanical Park.

1.55Lt: Sun Stone, 3524 gram
This stamp pictures the most prominent showpiece of the Amber Museum – "Saulės akmuo" ("Sun stone"), which is one of the largest pieces of amber in the world. The stone is almost round, in size equalling to the size of a man's head, dark yellow with some lighter spots in the areas where it has been polished.

From the Stocks of Museums Series FDCs:
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2009 Palanga Amber Museum

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