Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Estonia Monument Postal Stationery

Estonia Postal Stationery
Name: Opening of the War of Independence Victory Monument
Date of Issue: 22 June 2009

Erection of the monument has been an important theme throughout the period of independence. Repeated attempts have been tangled by political disputes, lots of argument and the change of political regime. After 90 years waiting it will be opened on the first minutes of 23rd June. Opening of the monument will begin on 22 June at 22.00.

The postal stationary - War of Independence Victory Monument was designed by Estonian artist Martin Saar, who´s work has gained attention also in the rest of the world.

Comment: Because the opening of the monument began on 22 June at 22.00. Postal stationary with first day cancellation was available during the opening ceremony at 22.00-24.00 on the terrace of the cafeteria Kultus (formerly Cafe Moscow). So it's very difficult to get this real posted postcard.

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