Saturday, July 11, 2009

Indonesia Environmental Care S/S FDC

Indonesia Souvenir Sheet FDC
Name: Environmental Care
Date of Issue: 05 June 2009

Established by the UN General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference the Human Environment, World Environment Day (WED) is commemorated every year on 5 June. WED is one of the principal instruments through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. WED is a people's day that gives opportunity for everybody to be part of the global action to promote the protection of our planet, the sustainable use of our natural resources and the adoption of lifestyle friendly to environment.

With the theme of 'Your Planet Needs You-Unite to Combat Climate Change', global celebration of WED 2009 is held in Mexico City as a principal venue. Mexico is chosen for its growing role in fighting against climate change as well as its participation in carbon market. This country has also pledged for planting 25 per cent of total trees needed under UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign.

This year's World Environment Day will also highlight the 'Green New Deal' - a solution to the global financial meltdown and global warming by calling for increased investments in renewable energy-efficient production processes. The deal is believed not only will create jobs and spur recovery but also help tackle global warming. Investment of the substantial new economic stimulus packages in the green economy can turn today's crisis into tomorrow's sustainable growth.

As a commemoration of this international event in Indonesia, a stamp series of Environmental Care is issued on 5 June 2009. The stamps feature winning artworks of 2008 National Stamp Design Contest painted by Howard Julio T. (Jakarta), Ranggi Prahita (Yogyakarta) and Edi Jatmiko (Yogyakarta).

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