Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Singapore Postal History FDC

Singapore FDC
Name: Singapore Postal Services Through the Years
Date of Issue: 29 October 2008

Postman 2008
2ND: Postman c1980
50 CENTS: Postman c1970
80 CENTS: Postman c1950
$1.10: Postman c1910

On 29 October 1858, the Secretary to the Government of India signed the approval on the proposal by Governor Blundell in Singapore for the separation of the Post Office and the Marine Office. The Post Office was then a branch of the Indian Post Office under the control of the Director-General at Calcutta with local responsibility being vested in the Master Attendant.

With the approval, the Post Office became an independent department, financed from postal revenue, William Cuppage, who first joined the Master Attendant's Office as a clerk and then rose to Assistant Post Master and had been effectively running the Post Office though the Master Attendant was still nominally in charge, became the first independent Post Master.

Since then, through the years of different facelifts, mergers and transformation, the Post Office is, today, targeting to become a world-class provider of consumer services focusing on mail, logistics and retail solutions.

This set of stamps aims to portray the concept of tracing back Singapore's postal history by adapting the typical design of stamps which were used during the reigns of King George V and VI in the Straits Settlements (of which Singapore was part of) and Singapore itself when we were constituted separately as a crown colony after the Second World War.

Each stamp design is differentiated by its own distinctive color scheme, with focus on the transformation of the eras via the uniforms of the postmen and the different post boxes through the times. All these are within an oval frame in duotone effect and all other graphic elements outside & around this oval frame in monotone.

Comment: Actually, this set commemorates the 150th anniversary of Singapore postal service. The design of this set is very special, but I'm curious about the uniform of the postman in 19 century.

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For reference to typical designs used for stamps during the Straits Settlement days, please go to:

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