Thursday, November 13, 2008

Italy Christmas FDC

Italy FDC
Name: Christmas
Date of Issue: 30 October 2008

€ 0,60:
"Madonna and Child Enthroned with Two Angels" by Lorenzo di Credi, housed at the offices of Banco di Brescia
€ 2,80: Christmas Wreath
Comment: Because the € 2.80 stamp has used lithography on sheets laminated in gold, with 2 grams of pure gold per square metre. Could you figure out how much pure gold is there on this single stamp (30mm x 40mm)? lol

2009 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Israel, Lithuania.

2008 Christmas FDCs:
Canada: The Nativity, Canada: Winter Fun, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania.

2007 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Vatican.

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san_raj20 said...

there is 0.0024 grames of gold in one stamp or we can say in 2 grames of gold 834 no. of stamps have been printed

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