Sunday, November 11, 2007

Finland Christmas FDC

Finland FDC
Name: Christmas
Date of Issue: 02 November 2007

0,55 €:
Gingerbread Mouse
Show a little gingerbread mouse bringing Christmas cheer to every home. Scratching the biscuit picture releases the aroma of gingerbread. The self-adhesive stamp has scent capsules under a layer of Lacquer and the aroma is released when the stamp is scratched or touched. The aroma is very mild.

1 lk kl (0,70 €): Straw Goat and Mouse
A mischievous mouse is bringing Christmas greetings, riding a straw goat.

2009 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Israel, Lithuania.

2008 Christmas FDCs:
Canada: The Nativity, Canada: Winter Fun, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania.

2007 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Vatican.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Quite interesting an art of finnish X-mas. Not seen such before here in Finland. This really adds a different fairy like athmosphere to widely published stereotypes of our heritage.
Thank you.

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