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Kazakhstan Almaty Zoo FDC

Kazakhstan FDC
Name: Almaty Zoo

Issue date: 2007 October 31st

On January, 30, 1937 Advice of National Commissioners Kazakh SSR has made the decision immediately to create a zoo in the city of Almaty. Scientific management to branch of the Academy of sciences.

Under the decision Almaty city advice the ground area by the area of 26,6 hectares on the right to coast of small river Kazachka in a fruit garden under construction of a zoo on February, 19 has been allocated. The allocated territory on the relief allowed full opportunity to issue it to destination without the big expenses. Have for the beginning mastered 7 hectares. All constructions were the time type, designed on some years, the plan of construction of a zoo for all allocated area will not be developed yet. By the moment of its opening the small collection of animals has been got. In June the first animals have arrived: spotty deers, wolves, young foxes and arkhars. In second half of summer a party of a waterfowl from Uch-Aral, hyenas, jackals, peacocks and wavy parrots. In October from the Moscow zoo have delivered lions, bisons, polar bears, raindeers and raccoons.

In the beginning of November, 1937 all city has been pasted over with posters: "On November, 7 opening of a zoo". Has come solemn day. At an entrance played an orchestra, all ranking officers of city have gathered, there came the first visitors. But the snowfall which has begun in 12 o'clock in the afternoon has broken all plans of organizers of this important event for city...

Not looking at this fact, interest of Almatian to a zoo of dews. Only for November, 1937 of it has visited from above 3500 person. On November, 24 the first excursion on a zoo has been lead has been carried out.

Annual updating its collection was necessary for research and educational works of a zoo. Purchase of valuable exotic animals for a zoo is a part of its history. The Chinese alligators and a bengalese tiger Almatian have seen in 1954. Large parrots Ara got by a zoo in 1957 year, humanoid monkeys and llamas in 1961, hippopotamuses in 1962. Seychelles the turtle - giant has lodged in a zoo in 1967, black panthers, cheetahs in 1970, sea cats in 1972...

Almost for seventy years of the existence the Almaty zoo from the small menagerie having about 200 animals, has turned to one of the largest zoos of the world. Here lives over 530 kinds of animals.

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