Friday, November 16, 2007

Taiwan Outdoor Activities FDC

Taiwan FDC
Name: Outdoor Activities (Issue of 2007)
Issue date: 2007 November 9th
Number: Sp. 511

(1) Speed Walking (NT$5.00):

Speed walking is walking with a longer stride and faster pace. It is suitable to all age groups, can be done anytime and anywhere. There is little risk of injury. It is a form of exercise that is convenient and affordable.

(2) Cycling (NT$5.00):
Cycling is suited to all age groups, and is environmental and fashionable. Bike paths have been built across the nation. A combination of exercise and leisure, cycling is very popular.

(3) Skateboarding (NT$12.00):
Skateboarding is a sport popular among young people, for it requires speed, technique and a willingness to challenge oneself. The cool designs of the boards also appeal to youth.

(4) Inline Skating (NT$25.00):
It is called an inline skate because the wheels are arranged in a single line. Inline skating is a challenging sport, and is great at enhancing the skater’s sense of balance and coordination. It is a cool sport in the eyes of teens.

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