Monday, November 24, 2008

Canada Winter Fun FDC

Canada FDC
Name: Christmas: Winter Fun
Date of Issue: 03 November 2008

Christmas is a time of tradition and childhood memories. It's the joy of making snow angels at first snowfall, of slipping and sliding, then finally gliding down a frozen slope as you learn to ski, or racing, rosy-cheeked and breathless with excitement, down a snow-packed hill on a new Christmas toboggan. It's the season of keeping warm with hand-knitted hats and scarves – in colours inspired by traditional Christmas decorating and greeting cards – no doubt crafted by a loving grandmother.

These charming images of a child's Christmas, created using block prints hand-tinted with coloured pencils and pastels, invite all generations to once again experience the chilly bliss of playing in new fallen snow. They make our memories of the fun shared with family and friends in winters long ago so real, you can almost smell the hot chocolate.

Comment: Will you think this FDC was overpaid? Actually not, the "up to 20g" postage rate to China is 1.60 CAD, because the high value of this set, my friend added 0.62 CAD to reach the higher postage rate (up to 100g: 3.75 CAD). Well done!!

2009 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Israel, Lithuania.

2008 Christmas FDCs:
Canada: The Nativity, Canada: Winter Fun, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania.

2007 Christmas FDCs:
Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Ukraine, Vatican.

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