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Lithuania Coats of Arms FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: Coats of Arms of Lithuania Towns
Date of Issue: 04 October 2008

1.35 Lt:
The year 1523 is considered to be the date of Joniškis foundation, when the residents of the suburbs of Šiauliai rural district, being pagans, were baptized by the order of Vilnius Bishop John. Parishes were established in some settlements and one of them was named Joniškis. In 1526, a church was built in the settlement, and the year 1530 marks the opening of a primary school.

In 1616, Joniškis was granted the Magdeburg Rights and seal depicting St. Michael holding a sword. St. Michael is also depicted in the emblem of Joniškis.

1.35 Lt: Jurbarkas
For the first time Jurbarkas was mentioned in 1259 in the Chronicle of Peter of Dusburg when the Livonian Knights built the Georgenburg Castle. In 1430, a church was built in Jurbarkas. The rural district of Jurbarkas was mentioned in 1502; in 1611, the town was granted the Magdeburg Rights and emblem depicting three white lilies in a red shield.

Jurbarkas is famous for the longest transport bridge (496 m) in Lithuania. The bridge across the river Nemunas connects Jurbarkas with the Šakiai district.

3 Lt: Širvintos
Širvintos are known from the end of the 14th century. According to the legend, the name of the town was given after the river Širvinta. In 1475, a church was built and in 1746, Širvintos received the right to hold markets. In the 17th – 18th centuries, Širvintos was the centre of the subdistrict, at the end of the 19th century – the centre of the rural district, and since 1950 – the district centre.

The emblem of Širvintos depicts the head of an elk with branched horns and a sword symbolizing battles with enemies.

Comment: Coat of Arms is very popular in Europe, "Coat of Arms of the region", "Coat of Arms of the city" and "Coat of Arms of the family". Do you have your family's Coat of Arms? I haven't. lol

Lithuania Coats of Arms Series FDCs:
Joniškis; Jurbarkas; Širvintos
Krekenava; Pakruojis; Šalčininkai

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