Friday, October 31, 2008

China Pre-stamped Postcard JP152

China Pre-stamped Postcard
Name: 50th Anniversary of China Academy of Engineering Physics
Number: JP152
Date of Issue: 28 October 2008

China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP) (Chinese: 中国工程物理研究院) is founded in October, 1958. It is the research and manufacturing center of Chinese nuclear weapons.

CAEP was initially located in Beijing. Its major departments were later relocated to Qinghai Province. In 1970, the major components moved to Sichuan Province. The Academy was formerly named Ninth Institute of Second Ministry of Mechanical Industry, and Ninth Institute of Ministry of Nuclear Industry. It was later renamed CAEP. In China, the Ninth Institute is still well recognized.

Its headquarter is located in the 839 area of Mianyang, which covers a land area of 5 sq. km. It's nicknamed Scientific Town. It has multiple branches in Beijing, Jiangyou, Chengdu and Shanghai. More...

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