Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Malaysia Flowers S/S FDC

Malaysia Souvenir Sheet FDC
Name: Unique Flowers
Date of Issue: 09 October 2008

There are many varieties of flowers found in Malaysia and there are some species that are attractive and unique due to their special shape or rare fragrance. Most traditional Malay landscape comprise of plants with fragrant flowers, leaves and wood. In fact, most traditional poetry refers to these unique traits.

The issuance of this Unique Flower stamps is an effort to increase the awareness of such flowers as well as to popularize Malaysian flowers

Gooseneck Cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)
A slender herb, under the family of cactaceae grows up to 1 – 2 meter. It has a short main stem and long irregular branches that are flat and look like leaves that are jointed with edges that are scalloped, green or slightly brownish, about 6 – 10 cm wide, 25 – 45 cm long.

The large white flowers are nocturnal, vary fragrant, with 20 – 25 cm, slender, curved red tubes and with red to yellow sepal, and numerous white linear or ovate petals. The white stamens are numerous and the style is yellowish white or red and tipped with a lobed stigma.

The Chinese believe that Keng Hwa brings luck and used to grow them in big pots and placed them in front of their houses. It is associated with the belief that when the flowers open at midnight fairies come out and bring luck.

Comment: Pos Malaysia (Malaysia Post) always uses special printing technology on this high value M/S or S/S. This time, they used the "Spot Varnish" on this S/S.

2008 Malaysia Unique Flowers FDC
2008 Malaysia Unique Flowers Souvenir Sheet FDC

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