Wednesday, October 22, 2008

China Stamp: 2008-27

China Stamp
Name: The 7th Asia-Europe Meeting
Number: 2008-27
Date of Issue: 24 October 2008
Value: 1 stamp/set

The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) was officially established in 1996 at the first summit in Bangkok. ASEM is an interregional forum which consists of the European Commission, the twenty-seven members of the European Union (EU), the thirteen members of the ASEAN Plus Three regional grouping, and, as of 2008, India, Mongolia, and Pakistan. More...

The Seventh Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM 7) will be held in Beijing 24-25 October 2008. The summit will be the first gathering of leaders of 45 ASEM partners since its second round of enlargement in 2006.

The overarching theme of ASEM7 is 'Vision and Action: Towards a Win-Win Solution'. At the summit ASEM leaders will focus their discussions on political, economic and social and cultural issues, including issues related to sustainable development. The Summit will provide a good opportunity for expanding and deepening dialogue on an equal footing and mutually-beneficial cooperation between Asia and Europe to ensure win-win progress for the benefit of peoples of ASEM partners.

Official Website of the ASEM7

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