Monday, October 13, 2008

Thailand Korea Relation FDC

Thailand FDC
Name: 50th Anniversary of Korea - Thailand Diplomatic Relations (Pep. of Korea - Thailand Joint Issue)
Date of Issue: 01 October 2008
Number: 854

To publicize and to promote cooperation and cordial relation between Thailand and Republick of Korea on the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Designs: Illustrate the resplendent palaces together with the emblem.
3 บาท BAHT: Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall, the Grand Palace
The modern central court is dominated by the curious Chakri Maha Prasat hall. The hall was built by King Rama V and completed in 1882. Its unusual design is due to some controversy during its construction. The original architect was a Briton working in Singapore named John Clunich. Rama V wanted an entirely western look to his new home, but others in the court argued that the king's residence and throne hall should reflect Siamese motifs. Thus the domed roof was replaced by a Thai styled roof. It should be no surprise that the Thai nickname for the building is the 'westerner with a Thai hat'. More...

3 บาท BAHT: Juhamnu Pavilion, Changdeokgung Palace
Juhamnu, or the Pavilion of Cosmic Union (Chinese: 宙合樓), looking over the Lotus Pond in the Secret Garden of Changdeok Palace, was constructed in 1776, the year King Jeongjo ascended the throne. The two-story pavilion and the pond create exquisite scenery. Jeongjo opened Gyujanggak, the Royal Library, on the first floor of the pavilion where eminent scholars engaged in academic research to promote civil rule. He named the pavilion Juhamnu, symbolizing the harmony of heaven and earth and the four cardinal directions, and wrote the sign himself. Buyongji, the square pond with a round islet, visualizes the ancient cosmic view that heaven is round and the earth is square. More...

Comment: I praise my friend's addtional stamp - Thai national flag stamp. It's an appropriate additional stamp on an appropriate FDC.

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