Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ukraine Shukhevych FDC

Ukraine FDC
Name: 100th Birth Anniversary of Roman Shukhevych (1907-1950)
Issue date: 2007 June 29th

Roman Shukhevych (also known by his pseudonym Taras Chuprynka) (b. June 30, 1907 — d. March 5, 1950) was a Ukrainian politician and military leader, the leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

In 1939 Shukhevych headed the Ukrainian group Nachtigall, the battalion of Wehrmacht, manned by Ukrainians.

In October, 1941 Shukhevych became the assistant commander of the 201st battalion of the Ukrainian auxiliary police (German: Schutzmannschaft) which from March 1942 participated in anti-guerrilla operations in Belarus.

From December 1943, Shukhevych was the supreme commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. In 1944 he managed to unite Ukrainian organisations in the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (UHVR). He died in combat with special units of the MVD.

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