Monday, July 2, 2007

China Stamp: 2007-19

China Stamp
Name: Nanji Islands Marine Nature Reserve
Number: 2007-19T
Issue date: 2007 July 10th

Situated in the seashore area of Zhejiang Province in the middle part of western Pacific Ocean, the Nanji Islands Marine Nature Reserve, occupying a total area of 20,106 hectares including marine area of 19,071 hectares, is the first island ecosystem nature reserve in China.

The Nanji Islands consist of 23 islands, 14 submerged reefs and 55 open reefs. Among them the largest island is Nanji Island with area of 7 square kilometers and its highest mountain is Dashan Mountain with an altitude of 229 meters above sea level. According to statistics, the Reserve has 403 species of sea molluscs accounting for 20 percent of the total in China and 80 percent of the total in Zhejiang Province, 174 species of sea algaes accounting for 20 percent of the total in China, 368 species of fishes, 180 species of shrimps and crabs, 317 species of seed plants and 55 species of vertebrates.

The Reserve has not only abundant flora and fauna resources, but also the characteristics of the two systems of temperate/tropical zones, as well as the fracture distribution in territory. Therefore, the Reserve will play an important role in scientific research, production and marine ecosystem protection. More and more tourists are coming here for summer holidays.

The Nanji Islands Marine Nature Reserve has become an important base for education and scientific research and a famous scenic spot for marine ecosystem tourism in East China.

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