Monday, July 16, 2007

Taiwan Orchids (II) FDC

Taiwan FDC
Name: Orchids of Taiwan (2nd Series)
Issue date: 2007 July 12th

In January of 2007 this post issued a set of definitive stamps Orchids of Taiwan, the first of this series. Now it is following up with a second set of four stamps, each showcasing one of the following four species: Paphiopedilum sp., Phalaenopsis aphrodite, Dendrobium sp. and Oncidium × hybridum.

Their designs follow:
(1) Paphiopedilum sp. (NT$1.00): A terrestrial orchid with a monopodial growth habit. Its leaves are thin and soft. It has no pseudobulb and it is relatively intolerant of drought. Mostly found in high humidity areas, it is called lady’s slipper in English, because the flower of this genus has a big swollen petal, the labellum, which is shaped like a sack or the toe of a slipper.

(2) Phalaenopsis aphrodite (NT$2.50): An epiphytic orchid with a monopodial growth habit. In bloom, its round and large white petals give it the look of a butterfly flapping its wings. It has very developed fleshy aerial roots and less-than-obvious pseudobulbs. It is relatively intolerant of droughts.

(3) Dendrobium sp. (NT$10.00): An epiphytic orchid with a sympodial growth habit. Utilizing large pseudobulbs to store water and nutrients, it is drought tolerant, rigorous and long flowering. It usually blooms in spring when it sends up sprays of delicate blooms from its nodes.

(4) Oncidium × hybridum (NT$32.00): Most species in this genus are epiphytes, although some are terrestrials, with a sympodial growth habit. It has large pseudobulbs, each with two to three green, smooth and glossy leaves. Most Oncidiums have small yellow flowers, up to a hundred or more per plant. It has a long blooming season and makes a very good cut flower.

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