Sunday, July 1, 2007

Thailand Mask FDCs

Thailand FDCs
Name: Phi Takhon Mask
Issue date: 2007 June 23rd

The Phi Takhon Procession is a yearly tradition held in June by the natives of Dan Sai District, Loei Province. This is a part of two other merit making ceremonies - the Boon Bung Fai ceremony and the Boon Phra Wase ceremony.

The natives in Dan Sai District dress themselves as the Phi Takhon - wearing mask made from coconut husks, and hats made from bamboo sticky-rice streamers. The masks are painted with quaint designs and faces. The important symbols are the bells tied around the cow's necks. Their important weapons are swords whose ends are made into the male phallus and used to slab women who join the procession.

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Scorpion said...

Dear Collector
i'm a collector from United Arabic Emirats,i can offer mint or used stamps from arabic coutries.
I want FDC like this, in good state.
Best Regards

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