Monday, July 2, 2007

Argentina War FDC

Argentina FDC
Name: Bicentennial of the Defense of Buenos Aires
Issue date: 2007 June 23rd

"...No doubt, you will find that Buenos Aires is the best located spot in South America as regards commerce – it is a major centre concentrating trade from all the provinces; it is the channel through which a large proportion of Chile’s and Peru’s wealth circulates every year…”, said a letter by Home Riggs Popham, commander of the British expedition that arrived at the Rio de la Plata in 1806, that would later be called First British Invasion. The British rule then set up lasted 46 days, and would then be overthrown by the inhabitants of the city of Buenos Aires through the actions known as La Reconquista (the Reconquest). But some months later, more than 9,000 British soldiers disembarked at Ensenada de Barragan led by Sir John Whitelocke, who had received an explicit order from Your Majesty – Buenos Aires was to be subjected to British rule.

As had been planned by the commander of the invading forces, the British attacked Buenos Aires on 5th July, at dawn, thus beginning the Second British Invasion. By then, as a result of the notice issued by Liniers after the first invasion summoning the inhabitants of Buenos Aires to create an army, local forces included almost 8,000 trained men, that were stationed at different locations throughout the city. The local community acted with courage and heroism – all neighbours, including families and their slaves took part supporting the army. With not even a chance of achieving victory, Whitelocke surrendered on 7th July, and the British forces withdrew from Buenos Aires for good.

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