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Indonesia ITB FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: 50th Anniversary of ITB
Date of Issue: 02 March 2008

1/4 Rp1500:
2/4 Rp1500: ITB Opening Ceremony in 1959
3/4 Rp1500: 89 Years of Technical Higher Education in Indonesia
4/4 Rp1500: ITB in the Future

History of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) or Bandung Institute of Technology began in the early twentieth century by the establishment of de Techniche Hoogeschool te Bandung which only had a faculty, namely de Faculteit van Technishe Wetenschap and a major study, namely de afdeeling der Weg en Waterbouw. This institute was found to cope with the lack of technician problem due to disrupted connections between Netherlands and its colony in East India during the First World War.

ITB was officially founded by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia on March 2, 1959. it was born in dynamic situation bearing mission of science and technology universality dedicated for development toward an advanced and respected nation. ITB main campus occupy previously site of the first technical school in Indonesia.

In the first decade of sixty, ITB started to develop and complete its core infrastructures. This period indicated preparation for organization manning by developing lectures through studying abroad.

The second decade of seventy was a hard times, but the academic unit had developed into a working unit which also functioned as a socio-economics unit that performed as a semi-autonomous institutions. This decade also marked the level of academic development as well as reduction of studying abroad programs.

During the third decade of eighty, infrastructures and transfer of knowledge process had entered a modern era using more sophisticated campus facilities. Number of graduates was increased significantly while post graduate programs were opened. This favorable atmosphere spread due to improving socio-politics and economics situation of the country.

In the fourth decade of ninety, this formerly a single program technical school has maintained 26 Bachelor Programs, 34 Master Programs and 3 Doctorate Programs consisting of science, technology, business, arts and humanism studies.

Opening the twenty first century, the Government has declared ITB as a State Owned Legal Entity according to the Government Regulation Number 155 year 2000 since December 26, 2000. State Higher Education Institution with legal entity status is a new phenomenon in the history of education in Indonesia. The ultimate reason for this policy is ITB as one of the State Higher Education Institutions shall posses a greater autonomy and responsibility to face globalization challenge.

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