Friday, April 10, 2009

China Souvenir Sheet: 2009-7

China Souvenir Sheet
Name: China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition
Number: 2009-7
Date of Issue: 10 April 2009

National Beauty and Heavenly Fragrance (国色天香图)

China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition is to be held in Luoyang, one of the officially designated Cities of Chinese History and Culture in the west of Henan Province. Thanks to its four distinct seasons, the climate is pleasant here, which makes peonies, the city flowers of Luoyang, well known all over the world. As traditionally famous flowers in China, peonies have large corollas and bright colors, and symbolize richness, honors, fortunes and prosperity ever since. Every April, a grand Peony Show is held in this city, which attracts thousands of visitors both at home and aboard. China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition is to be held during the Luoyang Peony Show. On the occasion of a sea of beautiful flowers, thronging people and beautiful world rare stamps, this exhibition will thus feature a unique cultural character.

China 2009 World Stamp Exhibition:
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