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Indonesia Elections FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: General Elections 2009
Date of Issue: 02 March 2008

1/4 Rp1500:
Election's Contestants
2/4 Rp1500: Marks Your Vote
3/4 Rp1500: One Minutes for Five Years
4/4 Rp1500: 9 April 2009

General elections henceforth election is a process of voting candidates for legislative bodies and political posts ranked from president, governor, to mayor and vices. Election is periodically run every five year by Komisi Pemilihan Umum (Electoral Commission) based on the principle of direct, public, free and confidential as well as honest and fair. Prior to the voting day, candidates and political parties offer their programs and political promises to their constituent in campaign session. The winner will be scored by the amount vote by each contestant.

Election 1955 was in the first in the history of the Republic of Indonesia. People vote tiwce in this election. The first was held in September 29 to elect members of Legislative Council. The second was held on December 15 to elect Constituent Body members. With more than 30 parties and hundreds of individual candidates, this election is regarded as one of the most democratic.

The second election in Indonesia was held on July 5, 1971 during the early New Order regime. Significantly differed from the previous one, this election put bureaucracy in a neutral position. Election 1971 was contested by 10 parties.

After 1971, election was periodically held in 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992 and 1997. These elections were noted by decreasing number of contestants due to Government and Legislative Council decision to fuse political parties into three.

Post President Suharto toppling in May 1998, BJ Habibie Administration speeded up the election on June 7, 1999. The ultimate reason of this decision was to gain public as well as international recognition and trust. This election voted parliament members and contested 48 parties.

Election 2004 was the first election in the era of Reformation enabling people to vote parliament members and president/vice president directly. This election was conducted in three stages. The first voted for Legislative Bodies members, both national and local in April 5. The Second voted for president/vice president in July 5. And the third was the second round for president/vice president election in September 20.

The next election in Indonesia will be run on April 9, 2009. This legislative election contest will be contested by 44 parties, including 6 local parties in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province. In preceding elections the vote was done by punching the ballot. Whereas, voting in the next election will be made by putting a mark on ballot.

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