Sunday, April 26, 2009

China Pre-stamped Envelopes JF91

China Pre-stamped Envelopes
Name: The 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy
Number: JF91
Date of Issue: 23 Apirl 2009
Value: 5 envelopes/set

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy was founded in Baimamiao, Taizhou city, Jiangsu province on April 23, 1949. With 60 years of construction, it has developed into modern maritime combat forces consisting of submarine, surface ship, naval aviation, Marine Corps and coast defense troops.
(5-1): Submarine Forces
Submarine forces mainly consist of conventional submarines and nuclear power submarines.
(5-2): The Surface Ship Forces
The surface ship forces mainly consist of missile-guided destroyers, missile-guided frigates, missile boats, submarine hunters, mine sweepers, landing vessels and all sorts of logistic vessels.
(5-3): Naval Aviation Forces
Naval aviation forces mainly consist of fighters, bombers, attackers, fighter-bombers, reconnaissance planes, helicopters, transport planes and water planes.
(5-4): Marine Corps
Marine Corps mainly consist of infantry, armored troops, anti-chemical weapon warfare corps, amphibious scout, and so on. The equipments mainly consist of all kinds of infantry automatic weapons, amphibious tanks, amphibious armored conveyer, anti-tank missiles and so on.
(5-5): Coast Defense Troops
Coast defense troops mainly consist of coast missile forces, coast artillery forces and anti-aircraft gun forces.

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