Monday, July 14, 2008

Ukraine 1st Stamps FDCs

Ukraine FDCs
Name: The 90th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamps of Ukrainian State
Date of Issue: 04 July 2008

The first stamps of independent Ukraine with the word Ukraine on them were issued in 1918. Altogether in the times of the Ukrainian People's Republic five postage stamps were issued — two of them were designed by Sereda, an artist of whom little is known, and the other three by Heorhiy Narbut, a graphic artist of a remarkable talent. His contribution to the development of the art of postage stamps in Ukraine decades later was commemorated with the establishment of a special Narbut prize, which is annually awarded to the best designers of postage stamps in Ukraine. More...
10 shahs
3.33: 20 shahs
Coupon: Anton Sereda (1890-1961)
40 shahs
2.47: 50 shahs
3.33: 30 shahs
Coupon: Heorhiy Narbut (1886-1920)

Comment: Ukrainian Stamps' design are always beautiful and reasonable. They issued 2 M/S for this set because the 1st Ukrainian Stamps were designed by two designers, Anton Sereda and Heorhiy Narbut. For this reason, Sereda's portrait and his designs on one M/S, and Narbut's portrait and his designs on the other M/S.

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