Friday, July 18, 2008

Taiwan Blue Magpie FDCs

Taiwan FDCs
Name: Taiwan Blue Magpie
Date of Issue: 09 July 2008
Number: Sp.522

Taiwan blue magpie is a member of the Corvidae family and a protected species endemic to Taiwan. Its head and breast are black. The rest of its body is blue. Its tail feathers are exceptionally long. The bird's gorgeous plumage makes it a frequent target of hunters. Overdevelopment and pollution pose an even more serious threat.

Taiwan blue magpie is an omnivorous bird. Its diverse diet, group living habit, large stature, and combative nature are all advantageoustraits in terms of survival. Its food storing behavior gives it another survival advantage in the face of natural change.

NT$5.00: Rearing the young
Taiwan blue magpies are cooperative breeders; individuals other than a chick's parents, including both other adults and sub-adults, can help provide care and that ensure group survival.

NT$12.00: Sub-adults
In most bird species, the parents gradually drive their young away to find their own territory after they are grown, yet the sub-adults of Taiwan blue magpies stay to help rear their younger siblings.

NT$12.00: Flying
Also known as "long-tailed mountain ladies," Taiwan blue magpies live in groups. When they fly in a line, it appears as if they are building beautiful "bird bridges" in the forests. The sight is magnificent.

Comment: Counting Game again. How many Taiwan Blue Magpies are there on these 2 FDCs?

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