Friday, July 4, 2008

China Pre-stamped Postcard TP34

China Special Pre-stamped Postcard
Name: Wulong Karst
Number: TP34
Date of Issue: 27 June 2008

Furong Cave
(5-2): Tianlong Nature Bridge
(5-3): Qinglong Nature Bridge
(5-4): Heilong Nature Bridge
(5-5): Houping Erosional Tiankeng

Karst is a general name of a landscape created by surface water and groundwater dissolving sedimentary rock. Wulong karst is located within Wulong County of Chongqing, the gorge are of the lower reaches of the Wujiang River.

Wulong karst consists of three karst systems including gorge karst of Three Natural Bridges, cave karst of Furong Cave, and erosional karst of Houping Tiankeng (gaint collapse depressions). The three different systems of Wulong karst vividly record unique characeristics of evolvement of gorge, cave and tiankeng karst on the Three Gorges region of the Yangtze River since Cenozoic, and represent spectacular examples of evolutionary history of the earth.

On June 27, 2007, at the 31st World Heritage Conference held in New Zealand, South China Karst became a World Heritage Site. As the typical representative of karst gorge, Wulong karst is an important component of South China Karst.

Comment: This set is very ugly if you check the enlarged scan. China Post didn't use the high quality images to print this set.

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