Thursday, July 10, 2008

Japan Hokkaido FDC

Japan FDC
Name: The 60th Anniversary of Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law
Date of Issue: 01 July 2008

The Local Autonomy Law (地方自治法 Chihō-jichi-hō) of Japan was passed as Law No. 67 on April 17, 1947, an Act of Devolution that established most of Japan's contemporary local government structures, including:

+The four types of prefecture (to - do - fu - ken)
+Cities, towns, villages, and rural districts
+City designated by government ordinance (Japan)
+The 23 special wards of Tokyo

The text of the law is lengthy (more than 200 pages in print) and is subject to amendment several times a year. More...

Lake Tōya and Red-crowned Crane (洞爺湖とタンチョウ)
(2) Pentagram Fort (五稜郭)
(3) Scenery of Biei (美瑛の風景)
(4) Clione Limacina (クリオネ)
(5) Scenery of Otaru (小樽の風景)

Comment: Pity! If my friend added 100 yen definitive stamp on this FDC, it could be sent by registered mail.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't standard mail, therefore 500 Yen are not enough for a registered international letter.

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