Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taiwan Seashells (II) FDC

Taiwan FDC
Name: Seashells of Taiwan (2nd Series)
Date of Issue: 09 July 2008
Number: Sp.521

Troschel's Murex Murex troscheli (女巫骨螺)
These large and unique looking spindle-shaped shells have long siphonal canals, fine brown stripes and many slender spines. Most of these spines are located on their axial ribs, where they form 120-degree angles with each other. These help them to avoid being attacked by fish or crabs.

NT$5.00: Chiragra Spider Conch Lambis chiragra (水字螺)
This marine gastropod is named shuei-zi-lou (water character conch) in Chinese, because there are six thick curved "horns" extending from its lip, which make the conch resemble the Chinese character for water. They are cream colored and commonly have small brown spots, ribs and big nodules. The apertures are narrow and the lips are often pink in color. The conches are big and thick with small spires, and the six horns help them fend off their natural enemies. This interesting looking conch is nicknamed "six-footed conch" in the Taiwanese dialect.

NT$12.00: Regal Thorny Oyster Spondylus regius (猩猩海菊蛤)
With reddish brown round bivalve shells, their exterior surfaces have six radial ribs with long and large spines and many radial ornaments covered with fine spines. The interiors of the shells are white and the rims are reddish brown.

NT$12.00: Cymatium pyrum (大象法螺)
Pear-shaped, Cymatium pyrum has a somewhat long siphonal canal, making it resemble the head and trunk of an elephant. Most of them are reddish brown and often feature a prominent periostracum, periostracal hair, big nodules and axial ribs. Most have a white aperture with a denticulate lip.

Comment: What a pity! The Post Office clerk could glue the registered label on the back side, but they used it to cover the special cancellation.

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