Sunday, January 10, 2010

Taiwan Year of the Tiger FDCs

Taiwan FDCs
Name: Year of the Tiger
Date of Issue: 01 December 2009

To welcome the year of the tiger, Chunghwa Post issues a set of two New Year’s Greeting Postage Stamps (Issue of 2009) and a miniature sheet. Employing ink wash techniques from Chinese painting, the stamps portray the composed and awe-inspiring air of a tiger. The miniature sheet features a stately tiger on an open scroll.

NT$3.50 Stamp:

An image of a tiger gazing ahead, which symbolizes farsightedness, optimism, enterprise and luck.

NT$13.00 Stamp:
A portrait of a tiger leisurely lying on the ground, which suggests talent, ambition, and new sources of revenue.

NT$12.00 Miniature Sheet:
The sheet features a stately tiger on an open scroll, suggesting “good fortune is at hand” (the Chinese character for tiger sounds close to the character for good fortune). The design of the marginal inscription blends Chinese calligraphy, auspicious cloud patterns and colorful flowers to create a festive atmosphere.

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