Tuesday, January 5, 2010

China Booklet: SB39

China Booklet
Name: Year of the Tiger - Geng Yin Year (虎年-庚寅年)
Number: SB39
Date of Issue: 05 January 2010
Value: 10 stamps/booklet

According to Chinese lunar calendar, 2010 is Geng-Yin Year, or the Year of the Tiger. Traditionally in China the tiger is crowned with the titles "King of All Beasts" and "Mountain Monarch", and the mysterious tiger totem represents people's worship for the animal in primitive society. The tiger is also a symbol of power and might, and its image was widely used as the design of military commander's tally in ancient times. In traditional Chinese culture, the tiger is often mentioned alongside the dragon to imply strength and prosperity. The Chinese people view the tiger as a holy animal, and use its image on various occasions to drive away evil spirits and bring peace. Today, the traditional custom of having children wear tiger-design hat and clothes still prevails in many places of the country. Symbolizing vigor and vitality, the tiger is expected to bring life and hope to a new year.

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