Saturday, January 2, 2010

China Stamps: 2010-5

China Stamps
Name: Chinese Ballet - Red Detachment of Women (中国芭蕾-红色娘子军)
Number: 2010-5
Date of Issue: 01 January 2010
Value: 2 stamps/set

1.20元 (2-1):
Belief (信念)
1.20元 (2-2): Happiness (快乐)

"Red Detachment of Women" is a famous Chinese ballet adapted and premiered by the Central Ballet from the film of the same name in 1964. The drama represents a Red Army's detachment of women in Hainan Island fighting against local reactionary forces under the leadership of the Communist Party of China during the second civil war period, successfully portraying such revolutionary figures as Wu Qinghua and Hong Changqing. A perfect blending of the Western ballet art with traditional Chinese folk dance, the dance drama has enjoyed wide popularity as a jewel in the world of ballet for 45 years since its debut.

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