Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thailand Flowers FDC

Thailand FDC
Name: New Year 2009 – Water Lilies
Date of Issue: 15 November 2008
Number: 857

Purpose: To promote stamp collecting activities and to be affixed on New Year greeting cards.

Designs: Illustrate the water lily
3 บาท BAHT: Suwanna Water Lily
The Suwanna Water Lily is a hybrid of the the "Khao Thammanune" and the "Blue Capense", Water lilies of this kind have two colours of the petals alternate. There are dots on the petals, stamen and pistil, giving the flowers different design.

3 บาท BAHT: Tan-khwan Water Lily
The Tan-khwan Water Lily is a hybrid of the "Perris Fire Opal" and the "Sirius", bred by Pairatana Songpanich of the Department of Agriculture. The colour is deep pink, almost red and some have a rosy colour. The form of the flower is star-like, with layers of petals, forming 44 to 48 petal layers.

3 บาท BAHT: Tanpong Water Lily
The Tanpong Water Lily is a hybrid of the "Mayla" and the "Madam Ville Frongoniere," bred by Pairatana Pongpanich of the Department of Agriculture. The flower bud tapers to the end and the top and bulges in the middle. The petal tip is pointed. The petals are white and red. The petal layers are especially dense with more than 45 petal layers. The flower in full bloom is large and semi-circular in shape and emits a soft fragrance.

3 บาท BAHT: Mangala-Ubol Water Lily
The Mangala-Ubol Water Lily is a hybrid of the "Maxicana" and the "Parries Five O," bred by Asst. Prof. Dr. Noppachai Chansilpa. The flower has dense layers of petals. It is orange yellow in colour with the ends of the petals being orange. The flower in full bloom is large and circular in shape and has a sweet fragrance. The stalk holds the flower up from the water.


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