Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Estonia Post FDC

Estonia FDC
Name: 90th Anniversary of the Estonian Post
Date of Issue: 13 November 2008

Like the Republic of Estonia, also Eesti Post (Estonian Post) marks its 90th anniversary this year. On 13 November 1918 Col. Johan Unt, Commander of the Defence League, issued an order to appoint Hindrek Rikand as commandant of the Tallinn Post and Telegraph Office. The Estonian postal authority regards that date as the day of its founding. The first postage stamps in the so-called flower design and with a face value of 5 kopecks were put on sale on 22 November 1918. They were printed at the Bölau printing house in Nõmme, today a borough of Tallinn. Dissolved by the Soviets in 1940, Eesti Post was re-established on 1 June 1991. The main operation of AS Eesti Post, a fully state-owned company, is provision of universal postal services. Since 1994 AS Eesti Post is a member of PostEurop and the Baltic Postal Union. Eesti Post became member in the Universal Postal Union in 1922, and its membership status was restored in 1992. Through time, Eesti Post has had seven leaders – two before World War II and five after the country restored its independence. Eesti Post has about 4,000 employees.

Comment: My friend added a "75th Anniversary of the Estonian Post" stamp, depicts the first Estonian stamp, on it. I'm perfectly satisfied with this additional stamp of this FDC.

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