Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Singapore Fruits Minisheet FDC

Singapore Minisheet FDC
Name: Fruits (Singapore – Vietnam Joint Issue)
Date of Issue: 18 November 2008

In Asia, one can find a wide variety of fruits. Fruits, from the tropics to those found in temperate countries, are all easily available from the supermarkets and wet markets.

In this joint stamp issue with Vietnam, the very well-known King of Fruits, Durian and its equal, whose flower, named Queen of the Night, grows into the fruit people know as Dragonfruit are featured.

Dragonfruit, an oval pink fruit covered with large rubbery spurs, is a tropical fruit equally popular, with a completely contrasting taste as to the durian. It is sometimes likened to that of the kiwifruit due to a prevalence of sesame seed-sized black crunchy seeds found in the flesh of the fruit. The Dragonfruit is said to have loads of vitamin C and can aid in digestion. Vietnam is known to be the main commercial producer in the region.

$1.10: Durian
Large, oval and thorny, the Durian is the region's most infamous fruit. It is renowned for its strong smell – a scent heavenly to those who love it, but a terrible stench for those not used to its pungent aroma. In the past, the peak season for durian and with truckloads of the spiky fruit rolling in from the Causeway and as far as Thailand occurs usually between the months of June and August. However, now, one can easily find the King of Fruits almost at any parts of the year. Variety range from Mao Shan Wang, D24, XO, Golden Phoenix etc…excites all the durian lovers who will scramble to Sims Avenue, Balestier Road, Joo Chiat Place and Yio Chu Kang Road etc.

Comment: Have you eaten these fruits? Do you like them or want to have a try?


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