Thursday, December 4, 2008

Indonesia Heroine FDC

Indonesia FDC
Name: In Memoriam of Cut Nyak Dhien
Date of Issue: 10 November 2008

1/2 Rp1500:
Cut Nyak Dhien's House
2/2 Rp1500: Cut Nyak Dhien

The stamp series of National Heroine Cut Nyak Dhien is issued in commemorative 100 years of the death of this brave Aceh heroine in 1908. She died as prisoner in her exile at Sumedang, West Java and was known as Ibu Perbu (The Queen) because of Dutch government secretly kept her truly identity. Local people knew here as a polite old woman who taught Al Qur'an to women and children. Ibu Perbu's true identity was finally revealed in 1960. The information came from official letter written by Kolonial Verslag stated the Cut Nyak Dhien, Aceh resistance leader had been exiled to Sumedang, West Java.

Cut Nyak Dhien, a daughter of heroic Noble Teuku Nanta Seutia, Ullebalang VI Mukim, was born at Lam Padang Peukan Bada village, District of IV Mukim, Aceh in 1848. Like common Aceh girls, Cut Nyak Dhien was properly taught, especially in religion by both her parents as well as other Holly Quran teachers. She was married to Teuku Ibrahim, a nephew of her at the age of twelve.

The Dutch aggression in 1873 had triggered Aceh peoples, without exemption Teuku Ibrahim and his men fighting against the colonial army. In Beuranden Gle’ Taron valley battle in 1878, Teuku Ibrahim and some of his troops were killed. The death of her husband had led Cut Nyak Dhien totally involved in the war. Being a widower for a time, she was married by Teuku Umar. The couple was then continuing the struggle against the Dutch ruler. In Suak Ujung Kalak Meulaboh battle in 1899, Teuku Umar was killed. Cut Nyak Dhien and her devotees persisted to resist by launching guerilla war in the jungle. In fact, her aging and weakened body along with rheumatism and myopia suffering did not lessen her courage to fight. Under circumstance of exhausted soldiers and logistics lacking, Cut Nyak Dhien finally was kept by Dutch army in 1905 and exiled to Sumedang in 1907.

Comment: Cut Nyak Dhien died on 06 November, 1908. The issue date on the official brochure is 05 November, and the issue date on the FDC is 10 November, 2008. I'm dizzy now!

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