Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Russia Painter FDC

Russia FDC
Name: The 175th birth anniversary of P.P. Chistjakov 1832-1919), the painter
Issue date: 2007 May 11th

Pavel Petrovich Chistiakov (1832-1919) was a historical painter, a genre painter, a portrait painter and a wonderful teacher. He received higher education in Bezhetsk ujezd colledge. He entered Emperor's Academy of Arts in 1849 and his nearest teacher there was P.V.Basin. He received all established silver and golden medals in the college for top-level classroom pictures and sketches in the Academy and he also received a small golden medal for his picture "Patriarch Germogen in prison" in 1860. Pavel Chistiakov went abroad as a scholar of the Academy and visited some towns in Germany, he also worked in Paris and in Rome. On his returning to Saint Petersburg in 1870 he was awarded a title of an academician for his pictures made abroad "Roman beggar", "A head of a chucharka" and "A Frenchman, preparing for a ball". Chistiakov's portrait, painted by I.E.Repin (1878, The State Tretiakov Gallery), is depicted on the stamp.

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