Monday, May 21, 2007

China Stamp: 2007-14

China Stamp
Name: Chinese Fable--Kong Rong gives up the biggest pear
Number: 2007-14T
Issue date: 2007 June 1st

The legendary Kong Rong (153-208) was one of the role models of courtesy, as he always placed other people's interest above his own. And this was already evident when he was very young. A famous incident happened when he was about four years old.

He was the second youngest of six boys. One day, his father asked him to pick a pear from a plate; he chose the smallest, reasoning that his elder brothers and the youngest brother should have the bigger ones.

This well-known story, also mentioned in the Three Character Classic, has been commonly used to educate children even nowadays on the values of courtesy and fraternal love.

Kong Rong information on Wikipedia

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