Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sri Lanka Army FDC

Sri Lanka FDC
Name: Sri Lanka Army - Diamond Jubilee
Date of Issue: 10 October 2009

Sri Lank Army, born on 10th October 1949 marks its sixty years of age (Diamond Jubilee) on 10th October 2009 with pride and dignity following the great victory recorded with the elimination of terrorism which prevailed over three decades. The Army, in retrospect has reached its unparalleled greatness through its unfailing determination, dedication, dignity and pride right throughout its sixty years of existence.

The Army founded in 1949 with a limited group of people is now composed of six Security Forces Headquarters, five Forward Maintenance Areas, fourteen Divisions, six Task Force Headquarters, sixty-four Brigades, seven Area Headquarters, two Sub Area Headquarters and twenty-three Regiments.

The Army goes into the annals of military history this year because of its unmatched and glorious victory over the scourge of ruthless LTTE terrorism that posed a threat to the country's unitary nature and territorial integrity and disrupted the peaceful co-existence of all ethnicities for over thirty years, though the peak of fighting against terrorism took place between the period 1999 - 2009.

Heroic soldiers of the Army at the expense of their own precious lives and limbs brought peace to the entire Sri Lanka and unified the Nation under one flag through "Victory through Sacrifice", Therefore the commemoration of the Army Day (October 10th) and its 60th Anniversary at this juncture inspires us greatly. The issue of a new stamp by the Department of posts at Army Headquarters to coincide with this golden landmark, signals the undeniable face that we have re-created a new milieu for our younger generation where they could live in peace and happiness.

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