Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Russia Headdresses FDC

Russia FDC
Name: Culture of Russian - National Costumes (Headdresses)
Date of Issue: 23 September 2009

Moscow Province, Maiden Bandage, The Middle of the XIX Century
Maiden bandage from Moscow province is decorated with stained glass, nacre, beads. It is fixed on the head with silken blades; beaded ochelye (semicircular frontal shield) closes a forehead.

9.00: Nizhniy Novgorod Province, Wedding Crown, The Middle of the XIX Century
Wedding "crown with the cities" of Nizhniy Novgorod province is carried out in the form of a nimbus with serrated ledges. It is decorated with nacre, stained glass, spangles. Pearl podniz' descends onto the forehead.

9.00: Yaroslavl Province. Female Kokoshnik. The Middle of the XIX Century
Kokoshnik from Yaroslavl province – the rigid headdress, which completely covers hair of a married woman. It is trimmed with blue velvet, the floral ornament is embroidered with golden thread.

9.00: Tver Province. Men's hat. 2nd Half of XIX Century
Men's felt hat from Tver' province - the festive headdress of wealthy young men. It is decorated with a strip of dark green velvet with a metal buckle.

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