Thursday, November 5, 2009

Estonia Lighthouse FDC

Estonia FDC
Name: Hara Lighthouse
Date of Issue: 24 September 2009

The small Hara Island near the western shore of Hara or Papilaht Bay (earlier Paponvik) is mainly covered with spruce forest. In 1909 an iron framework lighthouse 15.2 meters high was erected at the highest point (12 metres above sea level) of the island. At the time it had a major sprat salting facility with 350 workers where sprats were salted into tin cans under the name of Revelskiye kilki (Tallinn Sprats) since 1870. The Tallinn Sprats made in Hara were shipped to St Petersburg via Loksa Port. Initially the sea mark of Hara Island was visible to 10 nautical miles. In 1954 major rebuilding of the lighthouse was carried out as the navigation mark was to be connected with a new military port. The height of the tower was increased to 23.7 meters with the red light visible to seven nautical miles. But gradually importance of the port declined and in the late 1980s the installations were dismantled from the Hara Lighthouse and it became a day mark. Its present height is 24 metres and it consists of a cylinder with a conical red roof over a metal framework. The tip of the sea mark is clearly visible over the forest. The Hara Lighthouse will be one hundred this year.

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