Monday, November 16, 2009

China Pre-stamped Envelopes: JF93

China Pre-stamped Envelopes
Name: The 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force
Number: JF93
Date of Issue: 11 November 2009
Value: 7 envelopes/set

The Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force was officially established on Nov. 11th, 1949. Through 60 years of building, it has developed into a modern combat force consisting of aviation, ground air defense, airborne, communication, radar, ECM, anti-chemical troops, etc.
(7-1): Aviation Troops
Composed of fighters, attackers, fighter bomber, bombers, transport aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, early warning aircraft, ECM aircraft and tankers, aviation troops are the principal part of Air Force.
(7-2): Ground Air Defense Troops
Equipped with a weaponry system with the third-generation surface-to-air missile as the mainstay, ground air defense troops make the backbone of national air defense.
(7-3): Airborne Troops
Airborne troops, composed of airborne/motorized infantry, armed troops, reconnaissance, communication and other arms, become an important strategic force playing the key role in significant areas and at critical moments.
(7-4): Communication Troops
Communication troops, the "neural system" of Air force operation system, are the fundamental support to command, control and information network.
(7-5): Radar Troops
Radar troops, the main body of national air defense early warning system, provide air intelligence for air operations, national air traffic control and civil air defense, and implement air defense early warning, information warfare and reconnaissance missions.
(7-6): ECM Troops
ECM troops are the main player in information warfare, utilizing all electronic reconnaissance, jamming and protection systems for gaining electromagnetic superiority and electronic offensive and defensive missions.
(7-7): Anti-chemical Warfare Troops
Using special equipment and technologies, anti-chemical warfare troops are the specialized one to perform anti-chemical support, flame-throwing and smoke-making.

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