Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Algeria Road Safety FDC

Algeria FDC
Name: Road Safety
Date of Issue: 05 August 2009

The development of the auto industry promotes the movement of people and their journey, however, the result of growth in the number of vehicles in adverse consequences, primarily the growing number of tragic accidents Traffic that generate hundreds of thousands of casualties and millions of wounded, Algeria is not spared from this scourge.

Thus, the year 2008 saw 40,481 injury accidents in 4422 resulting in road traffic deaths and 64,708 injuries of different levels of severity, this is compounded by other economic losses estimated at 100 billion dinars for the year 2007.

No one can deny the efforts of all stakeholders in road safety through a national policy based primarily on the human factor, first through its education, its development and effective training for it becomes a perfect conductor that respects the foundations of security and traffic on the other hand, the introduction of modern education methods and instruments requiring compliance with the law and repression 'against all those who commit offenses.

Despite the importance attached 'to this factor, we must not neglect the motor factor and the environment by applying periodic inspection for all vehicles.

Regarding the improvement of the environment, several studies have been initiated, such as the development of road network equipped with safety means for ensuring the smooth flow of traffic and solve the problem of congestion.

Continuous efforts should be commonly provided by all agencies and sectors in order to mitigate as much as possible the social tragedy, or even stop the economic bleeding resulting from the misuse of the vehicle in our country.

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