Thursday, August 20, 2009

Singapore Desserts FDC

Singapore FDC
Name: Local Desserts
Date of Issue: 17 July 2009

Eating out is, for many, a daily routine and this habit has virtually created a national identity defined by the cuisine, especially coffee shops, hawker centres, restaurants, food courts, cafes and snack shops dot the numerous well-ordered streets of the island city and its suburbs. This is a country where food is a constant topic of conversation and a wonderful Singaporean dinner will be somehow incomplete without having any of the wide variety of desserts that can melt the hearts of many, and satisfy the taste buds of food lovers.

Few Singaporeans know the origins of what they are eating in this multi-racial society and what matters is the taste and flavour. Desserts in Singapore, as with most of the food, are actually a blend of many elements brought by the different immigrant groups and races that have settled here. With such a unique characteristic of having different races in the country, many of the boundaries have been blurred when it comes to the food. One is likely to find any stall offering a wide variety of desserts.

Ice Kacang (also known as Ais Kacang)
2ND LOCAL: Ondeh-ondeh (also known as onde-onde)
65¢: Ang Ku Kueh
80¢: Lapis Sagu (also known as 九层糕 in Mandarin)
$1.10: Mithai (Assorted Indian sweets)

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