Saturday, August 29, 2009

China Souvenir Sheet: 2009-18

China Souvenir Sheet
Name: Huanglong Scenic Area (黄龙)
Number: 2009-18
Date of Issue: 27 August 2009

Five-Color Ponds (五彩池)

Huanglonggou (Yellow Dragon Gully), the primary sight of the Huanglong Scenic Area, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stretches 3.6 kilometers in length and 30 to 170 meters in width at the foot of Xuebaoding (Precious Snow Summit), the highest peak of Mount Minshan in Sichuan Province. Calcareous tufas are predominant in the Huanglong Scenic Area. Of the various forms of tufa, colorful calcareous ponds are scattered around like bright mirrors and jade plates, presenting fairytale-like landscapes. The Five-Color Ponds, the largest pond complex in Huanglonggou, embraces nearly 700 crystalline water bodies, which appear in different colors in sunlight. Referred to as the eye of the "Yellow Dragon", this pond complex represents the best of Huanglonggou.

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