Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lithuania Ships' Races FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: The Worldwide Regatta of Sailing Ships "The Tall Ships' Races 2009"
Date of Issue: 26 July 2009

3 Lt:
The Yacht "Brabander"

The worldwide regatta of sailing ships "The Tall Ships' Races", the history of which dates back to 1872 when English clipper ship reached the speed record sailing from Australia to England in 69 days, is not only great sports event but also impressive international maritime festival.

Each year this regatta takes place in different seas, but is always held at three stages sailing among 4 ports of different countries. Traditionally, the first stage of the Tall Ships' Races is sailing between two ports, the second one – a free sailing when the sailing ships do not compete, the crew-members are signed-in and off, the third one is competition to the last port. Any type and age sailing ships longer than 9.14 m are participating in the regatta, which are being divided into four classes: A class – all ships with transverse sails, longer than 40 m; B class – traditional sail vessels, shorter than 40 m; C class – modern sails ships, shorter than 40 m and without using spinnakers; D class – modern sails ships, using spinnakers.

On July 31–August 3 2009 first time in the history of Lithuania the worldwide regatta "The Tall Ships' Races Baltic 2009" will finish in Klaipėda. The vessels will start from Gdynia (Poland) and via St. Petersburg (Russia) and Turku (Finland) will sail to Klaipėda. The regatta and welcoming events will coincide with the traditional Sea Festival and the visitors of Klaipėda will be able to enjoy hundreds of ships with foreign flags.

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