Monday, June 29, 2009

Singapore SMRT FDC

Singapore FDC
Name: Launch of SMRT Circle Line
Date of Issue: 28 May 2009

On 28 May 2009, the 33.3 km Circle Line will join SMRT's rail network with the opening of its first five stations - Marymount, Bishan Interchange, Lorong Chuan, Serangoon Interchange and Bartley. A fully underground orbital network, the Circle Line with 29 stations links the existing radial Mass Rapid Transit lines running into the city, enhancing connectivity and convenience for the nation.

This set of four commemorative circular stamps presents a miniature exhibition of the Circle Line system - the Circle Line system map against the Singapore map, a new Circle Line station in the underground system, the new three-car Circle Line train, and the new Circle Line Operation Control Centre situated in Kim Chuan Depot - the world's largest underground depot for trains.

SMRT Circle Line
The SMRT Circle Line will transform Singapore's public transport landscape when fully launched in 2010. Costing $6.7 billion, the line will interchange with the North-South Line, East-West Line and North East Line. It is intelligently designed to shorten travelling times and distance, allowing commuters to bypass interchanges link City Hall and Raffles Place, improving the efficiency of connections.

80c: Stations & Network
There will be a total of 29 stations, of which nine interchange with existing and future lines. They will be operated by SMRT staff committed to providing safe, reliable and friendly travel, enhanced through convenient and innovative services.

$1.10: Trains
Each Circle Line train is a three-car configuration (2 motor cars and 1 trailer car), measuring 70 metres long with a carrying capacity of 931 passengers. Train operation is fully automatic and driverless, directed through an onboard bidirectional signaling system. Each train is also equipped with advanced passenger emergency and information systems.

$2: Operations
The nerve centre of SMRT Circle Line is Kim Chuan Depot - the largest underground depot in the world. Measuring 800 metres in length and 160 metres in width, it occupies 11 hectares or the equivalent size of 17 football fields. The $290 million depot will hold the Operation Control Centre and provide maintenance facilities for up to 77 trains. It also houses Singapore's tallest underground automated warehouse storage system at 23-metre high, capable of storing more than 24,000 spare parts.

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