Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lithuania Synagogue FDC

Lithuania FDC
Name: The Great Synagogue of Vilnius
Date of Issue: 23 May 2009

1,35 Lt:
Building of The Great Synagogue of Vilnius
The Great Synagogue of Vilnius – the most important cultural and spiritual centre of Lithuanian Jews, which was widely known in the period from the end of XVI century until the middle of XX century.

This Jewish house of prayer surpassed in its size and splendour all the synagogues built in Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was built according to the all synagogue-building traditions, divided into separate sections for men and women, with special places for storing and reading Torah.

The edifice survived several attacks and fires, was heavily damaged during World War II. The Great Synagogue of Vilnius was demolished by soviet authority in 1955–1957. Part of the survived pieces of art and jewelleries are kept in Vilnius Gaon Jewish State Museum, including three authentic and priceless treasures of the Great Synagogue: a cartouche with precepts of the Lord from the aron kodesh of the Synagogue, a candlestick with a decorative vertical shield from the cantor's table, and a two-sided door from the aron kodesh.

Comment: It's a miracle, the address label lost during the way, but this FDC still reached to me.

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